Ideas and inspiration for creative and experimental photography techniques for photographers who are interested in presenting their favorite photos artistically and even use them in different photo and mixed media projects.
Manhattan bridge

Photos depicting the back roads of America and the busy streets of the big cities in the US. Photos created by various hand-made alternative and historic processes, experimental photography and mixed media.
Weekend classes in: *Beginning image transfer *Advanced image transfer *Cyanotype/ sun printing *Mixed media photography

“Nitsa is a photographer, visual artist and author of numerous books centering on her “non-politically correct” photographic style.”

unique signed prints printed with hand made textures from paper negatives in a process I have developed myself. Each print is one of a kind, hand printed and signed by me.

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“Nitsa is not only a natural, but an artist of the highest caliber and quite possibly a genius. Her photographs are an addiction.
Furthermore, what amazes is the way she goes about creating her art: no fuss, no muss. There is nothing resembling extensive planning prior to a shoot, no lugging of complicated cameras and/or cumbersome equipment.
Sounds simple? Maybe so and yet I still don’t get it. How does she capture
(so effortlessly) these mesmerizing slice-of-life images that leave us captivated and in awe–and (always) yearning for more?
The whole doggone thing is a mystery to me. I can’t seem to get enough.”
Kirk Alex, author of Blood, Sweat and Chump Change and Nonentity

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